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Frequently Asked Questions...
... and answers!

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How much does it cost to participate in Curtain Call?

Tuition rates vary depending on each student's school district. Some districts may contribute partial funding towards a student's tuition if there is access to music or arts related grant funding, or other programs.


Visit the "School Districts Info" tab, or click here to see your district's tuition rate. 

What IS Curtain Call?!

Curtain Call is a performance-based, workshop style summer program for students in grades 3-12 who may enjoy the performing arts - whether it's singing, dancing, acting, writing scripts, learning behind-the-scenes practices... you name it!

Curtain Call students attend the program for 4 weeks in July. Each day begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 12:00 PM. Mornings begin with check-in and brief group warmups for voice and dance.

Students are divided into groups based on their age/grade level. Following morning warmups, students split into their groups and attend the various "classes" for ~35 mins. each - dance, voice, drama, and a performance or wellness related elective course (created by their group's designated staff member, who we call Apprentices). 

Students enjoy a brief ~20 min. break between the last 2 classes of the day. Following the last class, all students reconvene in the auditorium for practicing group numbers, and recapping what we've learned that day. Students are released home either by bus or parent pickup by 12:00 PM. 

*Please note:

We do not offer food/drinks. We encourage students to bring their own labeled water bottles.*


What's the point?

Curtain Call focuses on the strive for progress vs. perfection.

Our hope is that students not only enhance their performance skills, but learn about themselves, make new friends, and make lasting memories. 

During the last week of our program, we offer two live performances to showcase what we've learned over the month! We invite friends, family, and loved ones to join us in celebrating the effort, joy, and musical wonder that we get to share with our students.

Information regarding performances is posted and shared as it develops. 

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