This year's program and schedule...

We are excited to resume Curtain Call for the summer of 2021!

This year’s program will have modifications due to COVID-19 protocols.

Social distancing requires that classes take place in larger classrooms.


These space limitations greatly influence the structure of our program:

  • Students will attend classes in Dance, Drama, and Voice

  • "Stageography" skills will be incorporated into the 3 main classes

  • Each class will be increased in length, but there will only be 3 classes instead of 4

  • Large ensemble gatherings are not scheduled to occur. However, we are still planning a final performance with modifications.

  • There will not be a mid-morning snack break. Students are asked to bring their own labeled water bottles.


We will announce opening day procedures as we approach day 1 of the program.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 10.22.23 AM.png